Consulting Engineer




·         Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, 1980, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

·         M.S., Nuclear Engineering, 1974, Georgia Institute of Technology                    

·         B.S., Chemical Engineering, 1973, Cornell University                                      


Experience Summary:


Dr. Lancaster has worked in the nuclear industry for over 35 years.  His greatest national and international exposure comes from his licensing and standards efforts associated with burnup credit.  Dr. Lancaster is chairman of the Burnup Credit Standard ANSI/ANS-8.27 working group.  He led the DOE sponsored endeavors to gain burnup credit for transport packages.  The results of this effort led to the NRC issuing guidance allowing burnup credit for transportation.


Dr. Lancaster is the originator and technical contract support for the EPRI Delta K of Depletion program which is expected to resolve the hotly contested validation for burnup credit.


Dr. Lancaster currently supports KONES, NETCO, and EPRI for their criticality, shielding and containment needs in transportation and storage of nuclear fuel. 


Dr. Lancaster recently supported Westinghouse in their incore fuel management.


Dr. Lancaster has performed Criticality audits at the GE Willington fuel fabrication plant and the Unenco’s National Enrichment Facility in Eunice, New Mexico.


Along with the ongoing support for his current clients, Dr. Lancaster’s recent contracts include a) criticality support for FPL and Constellation Energy (Calvert Cliffs), b) criticality analysis for Holtec,  c)  logistic and criticality support for General Atomics, d) part of a team that evaluated the Yucca Mountain License Application, and e) an NRC contract to evaluate the impact of raising the enrichment limit for commercial fuel of 5 wt% U-235. 


Prior contracts include; a) performing the criticality and shielding safety analysis and licensing for GNB for casks to be used in the USA, Italy, and Korea, b) review of a license amendment for a utility for its spent fuel pool, c) support for TN for burnup credit for transport of some DOE fuel, and d) evaluation of criticality control materials for a materials manufacturer. 


Dr. Lancaster personally performs criticality, shielding, and containment analysis using the NuclearConsultants.com QA program or the QA program of his clients.  He also personally remotely performs analysis in support of incore fuel management using Westinghouse tools (can only use these tools for Westinghouse work).



Professional History:


1999 to date      NuclearConsultants.com

                        President, Consulting Engineer

Clients have included FPL, NAC, EPRI, Westinghouse, MHI, Holtec, KONES, NRC, GE, GNB, General Atomic, Constellation Energy, DWA, ANL, and Transnuclear.


1995 to 2000     TRW Environmental Safety Systems, Inc.

                        Manager, Burnup Credit


1993 -1994        Pennsylvania State University

                        Assistant Professor, Nuclear Engineering Department


1988 -1992        Georgia Institute of Technology

                        Assistant Professor, Nuclear Engineering Program


1982 - 1987       Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Nuclear Fuels Division

                        Lead Engineer, Core Engineering


1980 - 1982       Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Advanced Reactor Division

                        Senior Nuclear Engineer, Nuclear Design


1977 - 1980       Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                        Research Assistant, Nuclear Engineering Department


1974 - 1977       Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Advanced Reactor Division

                        Engineer, Nuclear Design



·         1979, GCFR Design, General Atomic Co.

·         1973, Plant Engineer, Chesterfield Power Station (oil fired), Virginia Electric Power Company.

·         1972, Shielding Analysis, Westinghouse Water Reactors Division

·         1970, University Health Physics Dept., Pennsylvania State University


Publications and Professional Activities:


Published over 50 articles.  (Publication list provided on request.)  Reviewer for the journal, Nuclear Technology, and served on the ANS Technology Journals Committee.  Session Chair a 9 national meetings of the ANS and Invited Speaker at 12 National meetings


Chairman of ANS Standards Committee 8.27, “Burnup Credit For Nuclear Criticality Safety Analysis,” and member of ANS/ANSI 19.11 and 8.17 


Elected twice (through a national ballot) to the executive committee of the American Nuclear Society's Reactor Physics Division.  Past member of the ANS Professional Engineering Examination Committee.


Patent:  The Spectral Shift Burnable Absorber. Patent No. 4657726


Registered Professional Engineer, Pennsylvania, PE 036035 E



Contact Information:



Address:          695 Vine Court                                       Phone:             734-368-9169

                        Ann Arbor, MI  48103                            Cell:                 814-574-1912

Email:              dale@nuclearconsultants.com                  Web Page:      www.nuclearconsultants.com