is a small consulting company that performs nuclear analysis. We concentrate on criticality, shielding, fuel management and reactor physics.

The company currently consists of one engineer, Dr. Dale Lancaster, and it partners with other independent consultants to put together teams that can perform jobs of any size. Dr. Lancaster has been working on criticality, fuel management, and core design for more than 35 years. He is chairman of the Burnup Credit Standard (ANSI/ANS-8.27) working group.  He has consulted with almost all of the cask vendors and spent fuel pool analysis vendors.  He performs QA analysis for these companies as well as utilities.  He has also consulted for research and government entities including EPRI, DOE, and the NRC.  Dr. Lancaster has also been active internationally, supporting companies from Korea, Germany, and Japan.  Other activities include criticality audits at fuel cycle facilities and fuel management support at Westinghouse. has its own modest QA program but generally operates under QA programs of other companies.

For the some time now, we have been teamed with Dr. Charles Rombough please check out his web site,

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Dr. Lancaster can be reached by email at
or by phone at 814-574-1912